ACC LTD technical analysis


 What direction will the ACC move during the day
How many levels can go up and down?
                          Chart ⤵⤵⤵⤵
Technical Analysis
Most important level upside .    1477
Most important level downside 1430

A  ACC Analysis  We can see a big upside we should see a good move in ACC
Just  a close above 1477 for a move upside to 1495/1515/1550.
        Selling pressure get active below 1420 for a expected to 1400/1370/1350

ACC  Trend  upside level is 1460 For Intraday Traders).

ACC Trend Changer Level (Positional Traders) 1501

Acc intraday level
Buy Above 1460 Tgt 1475,1490 and 1505

Sell Below 1440 Tgt 1425,1410 and 1390


Nifty Sensex said…
ACC LTD at days high 1501
Nifty Sensex said…
Today days high 1533

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