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What a great stock screener

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Trying to learn something new today
Trying to understand why this screener is good

     This is the name of the stock screener

The screener is set up in a different way, such as the
Click on the link below
  1. Fundamental Scans
  2. Top-loved-screeners
  3. candlestick-patterns-screeners
  4. range-breakouts-screeners
  5. Bullish-screeners
  6. Bearish-screeners
  7. Intraday-bearish-screeners
  8. intraday-bullish-screener
  9. crossovers-screeners
in which the clicker pattern is opened.

Example ⤵⤵
This screener will look the first in the top loved

  • 15 minute stock breakouts
    All the stock with 15 minutes of candle break out in the chart for intraday work

  • Short term breakouts

      All the stock will come out with a short term break out 
This screener is more popular  as this screener has the  highest returns 
Also in short term

  •   Intraday buying seen in the  past 15 minute

        Will show where intraday  buying are in stock

  •     Bullish for next day
         Specifies which stocks will be up in stock the next day

       Please see chartink login to see more of the top laved screener and others screener 
The best of these is that you can create your screener

You can also see and download the chart in this and the indicator can also be seen in the chart.

The screener is free and it seems to charge if you subscribe

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