HEROMOTOCOP price update

Live price=2695

 What direction will the HEROMOTO move during the day
How many levels can go up and down?
Where the HEROMOTO   closes above the level, there is a big upside, and where the level closes below, the big down comes.
A HEROMOTO   Analysis  We can see a big upside we should see a good move in  HEROMOTO
Just  a close above 2725 for a move upside to 2750/2790/2825
        Selling pressure get active below 2655 for a expected to 2730/2600/2580

 HEROMOTO     Trend  upside level is 2704 For Intraday Traders). 
  HEROMOTO Trend Changer Level (Positional Traders) 2730

Buy Above 2704 Tgt 2730/2760/2800 and 2830
Sell Below 2680 Tgt 2650/2620/2590 and 2570


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